The beginning of your new car's perfect finish. 


Why does my vehicle need Roadblock?
The base/clear coat paint systems now in use by the major manufacturers are vastly superior to the earlier processes. However, stone chips, bug damage, abrasion and weathering still create problems for the front end and leading surfaces of a moving vehicle.

What is the ROADBLOCK paint protection system?
Autobahnd uses an extraordinary tough urethane film that has been specifically developed to cover the painted surfaces of a vehicle that are subject to stone damage and abrasion. Each model of vehicle has a unique kit with specific shapes that have been designed and patterned to provide optimum protection for your car, sport utility vehicle or truck.

What does ROADBLOCK protect?
A standard installation includes the front of the hood, painted surfaces surrounding the grill, front wheel arches, mirrors and front bumpers. Headlight and fog light protective films are also optionally available. Kit pieces will vary due to uniqueness of each front end.

Can I see the film after it has been installed on my car?
Roadblock is a clear urethane film that allows a vehicle’s color brilliance to shine through. Under certain light conditions you may find a barely perceptible fine line along the hood where the film ends. This is the only indication that Roadblock is protecting your vehicle.

Can ROADBLOCK be waxed?
Yes. The Roadblock surface finish is similar to the clear coat used on your vehicle. We recommend a non-abrasive wax to bring out the brilliant shine of the Roadblock film.

Does ROADBLOCK really work?
Yes. We have removed the film from vehicles that have been on the road for several years and the factory fresh finish is perfectly protected. No color difference existed between the unprotected and the protected areas.

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