Gap Protection

Without GAP Protection, you may have to pay for your vehicle after it's gone

Millions of vehicles are totaled each year by collision, theft and natural disasters. Unfortunately, many customers are surprised to learn that their auto insurance settlement is thousands of dollars less than what they still owe on their loan or lease. Why?

The market value of your new vehicle starts to depreciate the moment you take possession, and for the first few years of ownership, is likely to continue to depreciate faster than the balance of your loan or lease.

There's a good chance that if a total loss happens to you, you will still be held responsible for the difference between the insurance settlement and your remaining loan or lease balance, in addition to your deductible.

Protect Your Investment

For a very affordable cost, you can protect yourself against a potential financial burden, and safeguard your hard earned credit.

GAP Protection is a simple concept. It is an agreement between you and your lender or leasing company.



GAP Programs Protect You...

  • All risk protection (Fire, theft, collision or any insured peril)
  • Protection for new and pre-owned vehicles, leased or purchased
  • Protection for vehicles valued up to $100,000 (lesser limits may apply to certain assets and programs)
  • Protection for the term of the loan or lease or customized for the time you need it the most
  • Very affordable—Minimal monthly cost
  • All programs are fully insured by A-rated Insurers
  • Deductible coverage up to $500 or $1,000*
  • Additional Benefit coverage available under some plans providing $500 or $1,000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle
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